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The Start

Nederland Voedselland is an online platform with the goal of showing policymakers, opinion makers, influencers and stakeholders what is happening in the Dutch foodsector. The platform was outdated, the storytelling formula was 'old', the focus was lost and there was no urgency nor creativity in the tone of voice. While at the same time, there was leadership that was willing and able to make a change. Plus, there was a growing need for the foodsector, for the consumers, for farmers, and policymakers to communicate about the changes that are necessary and the innovation that is happening.  

The Journey

I love purpose. So the first thing I did is exploring the intentions and desired impact of the platform. I started asking questions. Why does this platform exist? What is missing in the way the Dutch story of the future of food is told? How can the platform add value for all stakeholders? Throughout several sessions with the owner, the team and some clients, an updated version of the vision and purpose-driven narrative started to emerge.

The New Era

I created the new website, the new formula of storytelling, the new positioning and brand identity (with Jeroen De Boorder), and I trained the content team. NLVL is now a boutique style storytelling platform, with sharp focus and a modern way of using media. Long reads with beautiful pictures, inspirational videos and audio-stories, and a website that can highlight topics and urgency in a visually attractive way. Now it's up to the content team to keep the focus.

This project is important to me, because our food system has to change. We have to regenerate biodiversity and rewilder our eco-system. I believe we need to tell the stories of the agricultural, plastic and protein transition in a better way. More engaging in order to create more awareness and action. We need to show positive and attractive examples of why and how we can change now.