Hi! Let me introduce myself.

Change inspires me. I enjoy working with youth, as well as business leaders. Bridging cultures is something I love to do.

As a freelancer, I’m available for cool projects. Purpose driven, my creative focus is  always on: (personal) development, giving back, diversity, sustainability.

I find peace of mind at Sportpark De Eendracht in Amsterdam-West, where I take care of the premises.


The impact of a journey can be monumental on personal lives and businesses. The experiential process should unlock potential and have a positive impact on our world. With that in mind, I produce (leadership) journeys for organisations and teams all over the world.

I specialise in creative logistics. For example: focus and flow for participants, finding cutting edge locations and suppliers, corporate social responsibility & giving back, (live) video productions.

A global network of facilitators and local production crews allows me to deliver amazing operations for each client.


Creativity has to flow. I love coming up with ideas and concepts which contribute to the impact I would like to have on our world. Values matter!

As a freelance creative consultant, I get hired by agencies for extra conceptualising brainpower. Clients include: Concierge AmsterdamHet Portaal, BVH, Seven.

Check out my latest initiatives FLAGBA.GS & 9/ON .


I produced and modelled in video- and photoshoots. Some examples are on my Vimeo channel. When the story feels right, I like to do this.

You can contact me via the buttons below to get in touch.