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Out Of The Box (event + podcast)

10 years of European teamwork

Out of the Box International is an European Network which brings together different actors working on social innovation and advocating for a more solidar Europe, with the mission to develop and shape innovative policies in social entrepreneurship, social cohesion, cohesive policies, social entrepreneurship, open digital environment or enlargement. For 10 years - since the beginning of the network - I have had to pleasure to be part of the Expert Pool. This year we celebrated 10 years of existence, under the soulful leadership of Marco Paunovic.

From the19th until 22nd of September 2023, I was part of OUT OF THE BOX WEEK: YAP! Youth from Another Perspective. This four-day event aimed to bring together the members of OTB, representatives of OTB Member Organisations and Experts, who joined in Fažana (Croatia) for a programme of 20+ events to tackle youth challenges, and to find new trends & opportunities within the field of youth work. This thrilling programme has combined the internal governing structures, working groups and expert meetings, the general assembly, a set of open events, workshops, expert panels, and last but not least, several study visits in Istria. All the efforts have served a purpose – youth engagement and its role in rebuilding society. OTB Week provided a platform for networking, learning, and collaboration, allowing participants to connect, exchange ideas, and create partnerships for sustainable projects.

During the event, I facilitated a few workshops and sessions focussed on purpose development for youth. Also, I was part of the panel that addressed radicalisation of youth in Europe. I shared several cases and conclusions of Dutch and European research about polarisation and radicalisation - including toxic manosphere developments like Andrew Tate's influence.

The Podcast

Out Of The Box International just started making a podcast serie. I was asked to join for the second episode about Education, Inequalities & People with Fewer Opportunities. You can listen to it below.