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Out Of The Box (event + podcast)

A podcast and OTB event Youth From Another Perspective in Fažana (Croatia) about tackling youth challenges, and finding new trends & opportunities for youth work.

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Wilderness Quest in Death Valley

I joined a Wilderness Quest in Death Valley. This is a program inspired by the knowledge and wisdoms of the Shoshone Native Americans.

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Buitenlandse namen in het onderwijs?

Buitenlandse namen? Dat is hoe - in een aflevering over diversiteit - niet oer-Hollandse namen worden benoemd? Wat zijn dan ‘buitenlandse namen’ in 2022?

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elementor teamWe all intend to plan ahead, but too often let the day-to-day minutia get in the way of making a calendar for the year. Sure, you can’t know every detail to anticipate. Heck, you can’t know half the priorities that will pop up in any particular month.

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