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The Start

Bram is the founder of BelastingBram, an agency that helps entrepreneurs with their taxes and provides financial support and consultation. The unique thing about Bram is that he is a super social and warm-hearted guy, who really cares about a better world. How can I help him to translate his beautiful caring character into the cold world of accountancy? 

The Journey

Throughout several sessions with Bram, we were able to define a lot about what Bram stands for and who he wants to serve. Not just any possible client: Bram has a soft spot for social entrepreneurs. I will always remember the in-depth conversations about his socks: rainbow coloured and sustainably made. I kept asking Bram in different ways: why? This resulted in a clear picture of him, and the purpose of his company.

The New Era

BelastingBram wants to create a better world. But how do you do that as an accountant? Well, by supporting artists, social entrepreneurs and change-makers! This became the focus for Bram when it comes to selecting clients, and this became the 'simple' narrative for his positioning. We (my team and I) delivered a new brand identity, website and communication that highlights that purpose.