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Mrs FeniX




The Start

Mrs FeniX is a cool start-up: a woman-led company in construction. After 3 years of doing several different projects, it was time for Mrs FeniX to step into a new era. So, what change is needed in the leadership of Mrs FeniX to enable growth and (more) success? How can Mrs FeniX create a sharper vision of the future? What is the true purpose of the founder and the company and how does that translate in leadership behaviour and the narrative (positioning and communication) of the company? 

The Journey

I took Jacqueline vd Gracht (Founder Mrs FeniX) on a 4 day journey in The Netherlands. With my development framework, we were able to help clarify and sharpen her insights of her leadership. We looked at patterns, values, beliefs, intentions, and impact she wants to create.

The New Era

We were able to create a 5 year plan and 100 days routemap, with a clear understanding of the necessary leadership. Mrs Fenix already had a newly designed brand identity and website in the making. So I helped with making some adjustments, and I delivered the new DNA narrative. Mrs Fenix is not 'just' a construction company. Mrs FeniX is a woman-led Renovation and Interiors business that focuses on creating new spaces for new phases in life. 

The Follow-Up

I will be supporting Mrs FeniX in the upcoming time with coaching, team-development and roadmap deadlines.