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Ollie – We Empower You(th)


2021 – Now


The Start

In 2021 I started collaborating with Ollie. Ollie was already doing really well with youth empowerment trainings and projects, mostly as half day or full day modules available for educational institutions (high school, trade school, college and universities). The focus was - and still is - on career development, mental health, personal leadership, motivation and perspective, peer-to-peer learning, diversity and community building. I got involved to co-create a solid framework for all trainings, and to develop week and year journeys for students.

The Journey

I started giving trainings myself, to fully emerge in the context Ollie is working with. To learn. To see. To feel. During multiple development sessions with the leadership team, we started creating a picture of where Ollie wanted to go in the next few years. And we started to define steps to get there. 

The New Era

Full of joy I can share that Ollie has been able to make those steps. Since we started working together, Ollie has been able to launch multiple week and year programs. All purpose-driven and build on a solid framework. No more freewheeling concepts: every training and workshop now has a clear structure and methodology behind it. 

The Follow-Up

I stay connected with Ollie! I will continue to serve as Chief Creative in the organisation. Focussing on product development, as well as team development.